Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some more Mail Art plus....

 This #67 was part of a #CreativeSprint day, where I showed, in a series of images, how to make a piece of Mail Art.

#60 was a #CreativeSprint, where I got inspiration from some mail. It was an article from EWG about the pesticides used in conventional strawberry growing.

#62 was day 17 of #CreativeSprint. It was about writing a poem, which I'm not good at so I cut a bunch of words out of a magazine, randomly, as much as possible, but of course I was making choices. I then arranged them into this Poem - THINKING, All looked, Embracing the good. See See, Feel this Life. Be bedcoming THE spring.
Not bad for a non-poet, I'd say.


In #66, I cut up a large pieces of Mail Art that I'd received awhile ago from my Mail Art friend in Hamburg. It was on firm cardboard but I was able to get it cut up into some varied sizes. I added the playing card, the cat and the lips, and sent it off to Erni. 
 Here's the Grand-Girl, Miss Z (3), who decided she was going to call me "M" and spells out my name.

She's sitting in the antique high chair that we got in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in the early 1970s.
It's her art chair upstairs. She's drawing doughnuts. She's never eaten one but she has a good idea what they are.

I received some mail art from Keith Chambers. Including a beautiful page of faux postage commemorating DaDa.

I had to frame it and display it.
What fun to make, send and receive mail that is not a bill or an advertisement.

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