Thursday, April 28, 2016

The usual - Mail Art and a bit more

 These blue cards were made as part of my #CreativeSprint. It might have been for day 10, and had something to do with water (to state the obvious) and I wrote about something that happened to my older sister.

She lived on Kalsman St. in Los Angeles many years ago, down hill from a dam. One day the day gave way and, as she was running up hill with her children, she looked back and saw a wall of water going by on the cross street below her. She said that it was amazing. She could see cars, refrigerators, and other things being carried away in that wall of water. After a bit, the water started to come up the street she was on. It stopped at the steps to her apartment building. What a story. The power of water.



 So I mad a few water cards to send out.

#61 was also done for #CreativeSprint. Day 16, which was something about making oneself laugh out loud.
And it made my honey say "heh heh" and then I said "heh heh" too. So it worked.


And I wanted to share this little "hospital" scene with you.
Dan in the hospital
Our grand-girl (3) love the little people hospital. She loves to play with it at our home. She put our nephew Dan into it when she learned that he'd gotten into some poison ivy and had to see a doctor. She has kept the '"pretend Dan" as she calls him in hospital, although the real Dan is now fine.  This really makes the real Dan laugh when we give him updates.

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