Saturday, February 13, 2010

My blotter and pencil

Many of you know how much I enjoy writing letters. You can see on the left that I'm a member of the Letter Writers Alliance, and I follow several letter writing blogs, like Missive Maven and Ang's impression project of a letter a day. Most of us letter writers are fond of pens, pencils and the acoutrements of writing like letter openers and in my case, my antique blotter. I found the blotter in a bunch of items that my husband had. The actual blotting paper in this case is cut from packaging for flour. I didn't know this until the day I took these photos. My husband found this pencil for me a number of years ago. It's silver, with a very long chain. The writing on it says patent pending. Who would wear a pencil like this? I'm so curious about who might have owned it. A librarian? A teacher? I use it and I do use the blotter with both pens and rubber stamps.

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Lesa said...

I love pens and the accoutrements of writing too. Your pen is so interesting. Love your blotter. The patterns on the used blotter paper would be great for atc backgrounds, don't you think? Thanks for the links to those sites too!