Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More snow...reality.

Here are some views from inside. I took the view from the front window after the snow had stopped falling, though it was still being blown off of the trees and roofs. Here's the view of Jane's yard as the wind whipped up snow, like a white out, right after I spotted Jane walking out there. The views from the back upstairs window shows the snow clinging to each branch of the tree. This is just unbelievable to us. This is just so NOT Richmond, VA. Our new neighbors moved here from Denver. They're used to the snow but not the schools being closed. Yes, the schools are closed again. This is SO Richmond, VA - to close schools.

I think I'll knit today.


Victoria Dunn said...

What beautiful photos! I've been watching the US news from Ottawa with great interest. We went through a very similar storm last year.

I dug a trench out all around the house to make sure that the snow wouldn't flood or damage the basement windows. My husband got up on the roof with a long handled rake, and just kept pulling the snow off. We didn't want our home to end up like the vacant house down the way that collapsed under the weight of the snow.

This year, there's hardly any snow!

Lesa said...

Please keep right on taking and sharing those irresistible snow pictures...they're beautiful!