Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Bright spots.

We had sun yesterday and today. Last night, it rained and the temperature went up, so today we have a lot less snow. The streets are all mushy slushy, and some sidewalks are totally free of snow. It's nice to get some clean up before the weekend when we're supposed to get snow again. The snow that decorated my tree has melted but it looked so nice with it's white frosting.
Smitty wore his Count Dracula cape for a walk yesterday. He couldn't walk too far but enjoyed the bit he did. When I got round the corner, I was nicely surprised to find a tiny hand on the pole, formerly the site of The Shelf. Plus a little note that said "good-by Bea." Hmmm.

Two of my African Violets are in bloom. I just love the bright spot in my bedroom. You can see the tree out in my back garden and the snow on the garage roof. The flowers are doing very well even though they never got watered once during the two weeks that I was in Los Angeles. I guess the soaking I gave them before I left and the soaking I gave them when I returned was all they needed. Me gusta mucho estes flores!


Barbara said...

the good-bye hand beckons one to put a waving "hello" hand, ya think? oh, I miss that shelf!

Anke Martin said...

AH Blue Sky!!!!!! Haven't seen such a blue sky in weeks!!!! Thanks for sharing! That's what I needed today.
We are back to grey and dull. And when the sun peeks out it's only behind some thin clouds....can't wait for spring.
Hope you won't get too much new snow. We had pretty slushy roads and sidwalks beginning of week due to one day rain on the snow!
So enjoy the rest of your weekend, smiles, Anke ;)