Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More snow....Ridiculous

Yesterday, we had a gray but okay day. Hard to believe that more snow was predicted. After Spanish class, I stopped by Lamplighter cafe and coffee roastery. It's owned by some folks that I'm related to by neighborhood and friendship (mom to mom.) They have a yummy looking menu, the dishes and cups were made by Zach's mom! The doughnuts are the home made ones from that east end place that's nostalgia provoking for my family. Because more snow was predicted, and it was sooo cold out, I decided to turn that cabbage in the refrigerator in to some soup. I put some potatoes in it, and diced tomatoes, a dash of lemon juice and a tad brown sugar and it kind of tasted like mom's soup.
I got a new cake pan. I'm crazy about shaped pans. You may remember my "cathedral" cakes with the powdered sugar snow on them. Here's my newest pan. I tried out a box mix in it yesterday, just to see if it worked! And it did! Wow, what a gorgeous cake. Today, I might make another cake just for the fun of it. Come on by and have a piece of cake! Call first to be sure I'm not outside taking more snow pictures. I can't stop myself!


Moonshadow said...

Mmmmm... I love some cabbage soup. My hubbie doesn't like the smell of it cooking though. lol And you're right, that pan DOES make a beautiful cake. I haven't done any baking in a long time because my gas oven isn't working correctly. :(

Lesa said...

What a gorgeous cake! You inspire me. I bought a pan that's supposed to have another color of cake inside. (I'm not explaining that very well, am I!) I think I should give it a try on Valentine's Day...we're staying home anyway, so CB can watch the season premiere NASCAR race. Was your cake as delicious as it is beautiful? I bet it would glaze beautifully too.

Found art blog said...

That looks a little bit like a gugelhupf tin that you can get in Austria. I used to have some of those tins but they've been lost in my many house/country moves!! (althoguh that could be a good excuse to go buy some more...!)