Saturday, May 03, 2008

RUSH, Chuck's exhibition of Glass (3)

Last night, Chuck's show at Quirk Gallery opened to the public. It was the best First Friday in a long time as the weather was perfect. Lots and lots of people were out, walking on Broad St., visiting galleries, so much fun. Chuck talked to a lot of people about how he did the work and sold another piece. Afterwards, we partied in the newly opened two yards. Jack's dance floor was great, Tango dancing experts danced and taught people how to do Tango. Both yards had lights, food, drinks, people. Our nieces, Marilyn and her daughters, came early to set up so that Chuck and I could stay at the gallery. Thanks bunches. People brought food and wine to share. Thanks more bunches. People from different parts of our lives came, diversity abounded! We had a blast!

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