Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Home Again!

On a rainy Sunday, my cousins drove me to MetroPark station to catch the Amtrak home. The two weeks went by quickly. I'm glad I was able to give that time to them during this difficult period of adjusting to life in Cancerland. Our cousin is cancer free! Yay! She still has to experience chemo-therapy but no radiation. We are grateful for that. I had the fun of spending time with a 7 year old, who is funny, smart and creative, not to mention, energetic, too! He was sizing photos on Photoshop for his blog within a few times of seeing me do it. He would tell me what to type since I type faster than he does. This cracked me up: "You type fast for an old lady." What a riot. It made me think back to when I was in high school and thought my home room teacher was so old. Later I found out that he was only 6 years older than we were at the time. Yikes! I've been refering to myself as "ol' lady" ha ha ha ha, sounds like yodeling. On another note....the night I got home, we walked Smitty dog past the pole where the shelf used to be. What a delightful surprise, there were some wire words on the pole. One was "May," another was "Spring," and another was "Shelf." Guess which one I took home......

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