Monday, May 05, 2008

Heading north....

Yesterday, I rode the Amtrak train north to New Jersey. I’d forgotten how nice it is to ride on a train, the silent start, moving forward slowly, watching the landscape change. Moving from freight train views to landscapes, to, my favorite, industrial views...we were making good time until just before the MetroPark station, where my family was waiting for me. We stopped, we started moving VERY slowly, we stopped, we rolled on, we stopped. It turned out there was an accident involving a person on the tracks, no details, but we did see some firefighters on the tracks as we rolled through the New Brunswick station. We were one of many trains backed up (same rails used by New Jersey commuter trains, I think) We ended up being an hour late, while standing only 15 miles from my stop, but no one was cranky, just curious.

Now, I’m in suburban New Jersey, to be with my cousin, who is doing very well after her surgery.

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mixed media shelia said...

Hope you have a productive yet relaxing trip and all goes well. Thanks for commenting on my very
1st blog almost a month ago! I just checked it today. It will take me a while to get in the hang of blogging. But summer is here so I've got more free time.
Look forward to seeing you at the market.