Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mail Art workshop.

I had such a lovely time this afternoon. I lead a Mail Art workshop at the home of a friend of mine in beautiful Ashland, Virginia. I'd donated the workshop to the Richmond Peace Education Center for their annual auction last fall, and my friend bought it as a Christmas gift for her daughter. Pretty cool! It took awhile to coordinate a date so it's Christmas in spring. My friend, her daughter and her nearly 8 year old grandson participated. We had a great time and everyone did such nice postcards. I love doing this workshop. It's like playing, and it's impossible to tell whether a card was made by a grown-up or a child, right? It's such an excellent way for all of us to interact on a level playing field, I think. Another neat thing, my friend's grandson is going to send a postcard to my little cousin Ryan, since they both like to send and receive mail, it'll be perfect. Pen Pals!

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