Wednesday, April 30, 2008

RUSH, Chuck's exhibition of Glass (1)

Chuck's been working in glass, a new medium for him, for the past three years. His work accumulated, moving from his studio into the rest of the house, wherever we could find places to store it. Boxes and boxes of glass pieces! Yesterday, was the big moving day. The pieces went to Quirk Gallery for hanging. The show previews tomorrow night and opens for the public on Friday night. We're pretty excited! These images show some of the boxes in our living room, and Chuck, Jude, and Jack working on the packing up. Jude is a glass artist and has been Chuck's mentor. Jack is our neighbor, next door. On Friday night, we're having a big joint party in our backyards. Jack's built a dance floor and we're opening a section of the fencing to combine the yards. it'll be so crazy fun. I hope I'm not having too much fun to take some photos! I'll post photos of the show next. Stay tuned! If you clik on the gallery link above, you'll see a couple of Chuck's pieces.

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