Thursday, April 17, 2008

The amazing SHELF: the last elflog update

Last night, about 10:30, Chuck and I took the dog for his walk. I didn't bring my camera or cell 'phone. We got to the corner and Chuck said, "look!" The shelf was gone. On the pole was another note on a large sheet of white paper in a plastic sleeve. Having no camera, I knew I'd have to come back early in the morning to get a photo. I hung my little offering on a nail, a small collage labeled Real Small Art.

Chuck looked around and saw the shelf down on the ground by the front yard of the house on the corner. Leaning against it was this note, which references the note I'd written on the previous notice when the shelf was first "taken" down the other day. I put the note in my pocket. Chuck leaned the shelf against the base of the pole. How interesting, eh? This morning, camera around my neck, my dog and I headed out on our walk. The shelf was still at the base of the pole, my Real Small Art collage was still hanging up, but the big white piece of paper was gone. I wish I'd taken it home last night so I could tell you exactly what it said, but here's the gist. The shelf had been appreciated, the writer thought that whoever took the shelf down was mean-spirited and should be ashamed of them self. I'd prepared a little piece to put on the pole, giving my blog address in case anyone wants to see the documentation of this shelf, which began 29 March 2007. I'll keep posting small notices on the shelf with this blog information for awhile. And I'll put little art pieces on the pole, as the inspiration comes. As for the shelf itself, I brought it home and put it on my garden fence. Wasn't this a good run for something so random? Over a year. And here's my thinking, maybe it wasn't an act of destruction, but rather, a small child trying to see what was on the shelf, accidentally pulled it down. I'd like to think that, so I will. Thanks to the anonymous shelf builder, thanks to the anonymous (and not so anonymous) shelf elves. I've really enjoyed documenting this wonderful, magical, neighborhood community art project.


DAWN said...

Just think of the possibilities that it opened up in peoples lives. It served it purpose and now it resides in the home of the one who nurtured it.

I enjoyed reading the adventures of the shelf and would like to thank you as a long distance elf.

Tiffany Glass said...

Thank you for the elf shelf stories... the ripples of inspiration continue to influence random acts of artistic kindness.

willynillywaterlily said...

I loved reading the story about this little shelf. It was very thought provoking and insightful. Despite the shelf being vandalized, it was beautiful to see the positive responses that were drawn out.