Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The bench and pot garden

Chuck made the nicest arrangement of plants that he bought and I potted. (Except he did pot the calla lily) This makes the corner by my bench, which he gave me two years ago, look really special. The squirrels have pretty much left this corner alone. Well, they may have been responsible for two calla blooms being bent over, but maybe not. I love sitting out here and reading with my cup of coffee, or tea. It's so peaceful. If you want to see more of my bench, you can check my archive, May of 2006. Happy spring!


Another Limited Rebellion said...

Whew, I thought at first it might be a different kind of pot garden!

Mim said...

Ha ha ha ha, well that's one way of drawing attention to my blog!! I didn't even think of that, 'natch, when I wrote the title. Even if i thought of the sort of double entendre, I'd have done it anyway. Your comment gave me a chuckle.