Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Blythe - Zelda!

I've chosen Zelda as the name for my Blythe doll. Thanks for suggestions, they were all appealing. Today, I took Zelda to visit Ever. We did a clothing exchange and here are the dolls in lovely outfits made by Silkenstone. Check out her Etsy shop. Isn't the living room darling. I love the dog and fox pets, too. For scale, Tee put her foot into the picture. Suddenly, it all changes, yes? I'm having such fun with this new "hobby"- "project"- indulgence? I'm doing more knitting for Blythe. I made a jacket and leg warmers, which I'll post here or in Fritzi, my etsy shop. Stay tuned.

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willynillywaterlily said...

Ever and Zelda look so darling together. I love their dresses and their little sofas. Adorable!