Sunday, December 16, 2007

Paris mime, moules and mmmm.....

This mime, in front of Notre Dame was so cute. He would wink at audience members as he played on his little tin flute. The young women tourists were having a good time taking photos of him, and of the decorated tree on the parvis.

I finally got my Moules frites (mussels and french fries) at Le Trappiste restaurant near the Chatelet Metro stop. They were in a creme fresh-spinach sauce. Chuck had a salad Nicoise. We had our last pain au raisin the morning of our departure. I went to the patisserie across Pont Marie and bought two of them. One we ate in the studio for breakfast, and one I took on the plane. We ate it somewhere over the Atlantic. Mmmmmm, it was so good. I won't have that taste until the next time we're in Paris.

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Jennu said...

I ate at that same restaurant when I was there in November. The moules were fantastic!