Saturday, December 15, 2007

La Poste

Where would Mail Art be without La Poste, the post office? I've been to the Musée de La Poste in the past, but this year, I had a special treat. Not only did I go through the museum but prior to that, I had lunch with our new friends Jean-Claude and Régine, who work for La Poste. I know this may not seem exciting, but believe me, it was. Here are some images I took in the museum. The painting on the mail bag was done by Claude Viallat for a special exhibit of many of these. If you clik on Musée above, you can see more of the exhibit. Here's an old mail box, an old delivery coach, and an image from an old film showing pigeon courier soldiers in WWI. The soldiers had small baskets on their backs, with 2 pigeons in them. In the film, it showed them loading their pigeons into the baskets, then hopping on horses and riding off. There was an excellent special exhibit on the mail service during war time in France. And a really fabulous exhibit of work by Marc Pessin, that you must check out. He does intriguing calligraphy, engraving, embossing, collage work.

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Cin said...

Hi Mim, it's great to have found your site too, I've been peeking through your archives and following along on your trip to Paris, it sounds so wonderful! Hi to Chuck, congrats on Sprouts nomination, I've added you to my blog reader and will be checking in for more!