Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dublin, just a taste..

We went to Dublin for the weekend to see our old friends M. and P. Here's a view of the Ha'penny bridge over the Liffey River. I hope to post more before we return to the states but am dependent on free wifi. Thanks to the city of Paris, and the free wifi, I'm in the library of the local city hall.

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Kris Iden said...

thanks for your recent comment, I haven't finished all of my posts yet, but when i do I will send out a notice to everyone....funny, I was on the tram yesterday and you popped into my mind, I thought, geez, I really need to get caught up on her blog and write her something - YOur photos looks so interesting, I can't wait to linger over them for a while.
-with you in spirit,
sorry for the long lag in contact - more soon - dresden hugs...k