Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Dublin

We're back home, finally getting adjusted to the time change, sort I'm going to post some catch up photos of our weekend in Ireland and our last days in Paris.

Here's a fuzzy image of the pub we stopped in on our arrival in Dublin. I had my first cup of Irish tea here, no really, hot tea! We did a lot of walking, dodging rain drops, and ended up at the Irish Film Institute to meet our friend M.

We were settling down to have a cup of coffee when a person called out our was Noah's friend Jenna, thanks for permission to post your photo. What a shock! We had no idea she was studying film in Dublin. We had a nice time chatting with her and her friends, D. and A., until M. arrived. Though Jenna had to leave to go to the library, her friends were great company. Ha ha, Jenna, we'll find you no matter where you go!

We took the DART with M. to their house in Killiney. Here are some great views from their kitchen, a Martello tower (to keep Napoleon away) a view towards the bay, a garden angel. See, we did have some sunny time in Ireland.

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