Monday, July 16, 2007

A group of bags.

Being in my studio has been such fun. I make a couple tiny collages, I make some bags, what a life! These bags are for sale at the Farmers' Market at our Sprout stand. Last week I brought 4 and sold 3 of them. One bag at a time...eliminate the plastic. My sister sent me a brochure about a person who started a company called 1 bag at a time. See, take heart, it's happening all over!


Emily said...

Your bags are VERY cute. Glad to see people are buying them and how perfect to sell them at a farmers market. How much are you selling them for? :)

Mim said...

I'm selling my bags WAY below cost. I just want people to use cloth! And the fabric is stuff that would go to the landfill so really it's my time involved. Okay, so here it is...only $5 USD.(I don't pay myself much per hour...LOL) And to think, I only paid 80 centimes Euro for my Monoprix bags.

regina said...

contact me about selling these through the shop - we're beginning to offer a (small) discount to those who bring their own bag, i'd offer a bigger one if they bought the bag from us!!

beggar's bones

Craige said...

I love these! Question: what do you think about using plastic bags to dispose of cat litter? I understand that some people wrap it in newspaper, but I don't take the newspaper anymore -- read it all online. I know that even a re-used platic bag will still wind up in a landfill. What do you think is the solution?