Monday, July 02, 2007

My birthday!

I'd been thinking about the Chocolate and Zucchini cake recipe from the C & Z
archives. I decided to make it for my birthday. Happily, it was quite easy to make and turned out beautifully and, best of all, we taste tested it this morning for breakfast and it was really, really yummy. I wish you were all here to share it with me! Bake one for yourself, eat it, tell me how you like it. Okay, that said, I'm off to start rearranging my studio which is my birthday gift to myself.


Tere @ My Precious Studio said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!
...and many moooore! xoxo

JB said...

Tag you're it! (see my blog)

dephal said...

Belated happy brithday wishes!!

erin taylor designs said...

happy belated birthday!- it was great to see you at the market thursday! e