Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Paris

Wow, I'm on blogger in FRENCH! I can't seem to connect with WiFi on my petit' ordinateur. We went to the Quik for petit' dej this morning where the WiFi is free but, though my computer got the signal my Safari wasn't identifying what it needed to...oh well. So I'm at an internet cafe that has a QWERTY keyboard. We're back in Paris and feel like we've returned home, sort of, but are ready to be back chez nous. We met up with friends on Friday and tonight we're going to the Cite for a gathering at the studio we'd stayed in and now our friend is in. It's gray and drizzly today, but we don't care. We love being here. Our amazing trip is nearly over. When we return to Richmond, next week, I'll do my photo posting. Until then, know that we're smiling and thinking of you, really, we are. Bises (those kisses on the cheeks)

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Le Synge Bleu said...

miss you