Monday, November 20, 2006


The area around the Cours Saleya is known as old NICE, where the streets are narrow and winding. It's filled with shops, restaurants, people, lots of tourists, but it gives the sense of what it was like before the city got popular with the English at the beginning of the last century. The signs are in French and the old Nicoise language. We enjoy walking around in this area. At one bakery, we bought Tourte de Blette, a NICE specialty. It's made with blette (we have no idea what vegetable that is, but it's green and we had it in cream sauce with dinner one night) which is the sweet filling between two cookie like parts, dusted with powdered sugar. Yummy. You can also get socca, which is a crisp bread made with chick pea flour. In contrast to the old city, there are many different kinds of newer architecture and wide streetsl. Along the Quai d'Anglais, Chuck spotted these two houses. What a contrast they are to each other, as well as the veille ville of NICE!

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