Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Museum visits in NICE

Oh dear family and friends, the trip just goes on...and posting helps me stay in touch with our wonderful experience, as I adjust to being home. During our stay in NICE (all caps to differentiate the ville with the description of it) we went back to the contemporary art museum and saw the work of Bernard Pages, whom we weren't familiar with and whose sculptures we really liked. What a treat for us. We also worked our way up one of the hills to the Chagall museum with its biblical paintings, lithographs, and more. That was a treat, also. I didn't expect to like his work as much as I did. We see so many of his famous images that we get ho-hum about them, but the work in the museum gave us so much more, the scale, the setting. The lithographs were hand colored and, again, works we hadn't seen before. So here are a few images to enjoy.

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