Sunday, November 19, 2006

NICE is really nice.

Notice how sunny it is? We loved having the warm sunny weather of NICE. It was beginning to get grayer and chilly in Paris so we were ready for this, though our friends told us that it'd been cool there, also. Meaning, we came at the right time. If our friends hadn't warned us about the street being torn up, we'd have been very shocked. NICE is working on a Tram system and the main street has been a worksite, a chantier, for three years, with at least one more to go. Many businesses have closed, making the area look very bad, not to mention, bad for the economy. When it's finished, we want to go back because the plans, which we saw at the architectural center by the Cours Saleya, look wonderful. The Cours Saleya is where the Monday flea market is held. Chuck really enjoys going through this and always finds some little treasures. I like to sit up on the steps and look over it. At the far end, the building facing me, with the hill behind it, is where Matisse lived and painted before he moved up to Cimiez. Over the wall is the boardwalk and the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea.

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