Sunday, November 19, 2006


The day before we left for the south of France, we attended FIAC, the huge international contemporary art expo. It was held in two locations, the Cour Carre of the Louvre and a good long walk away, through the Tuilleries, at the Grand Palais. The work at the Louvre location was mainly galleries carrying younger, less well known artists, for the most part, and much that we weren't drawn to, but the Grand Palais location had higher end work, again for the most part, and more well-known artists, like Louise Nevelson, Cy Twombly, and others. Work was actually sold at this event. While sitting around at the G.P. I witnessed a "guard" bringing a piece out into the light for potential buyers to see it better. The walk through the garden to the G.P. was pleasant, nice weather, lots of other people strolling, looking at the sculptural works on display, including a "submarine" in one of the fountains. Some of you might remember the piece that was in the entry lobby of the VMFA by this same Indian artist. We were happy that we were still in Paris when this event took place and were able to see lots of art work.

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