Friday, August 24, 2007

Elflog update

Yesterday the shelf was almost bare. Three little stones, the paper clip with the two buttons, a round magnet on a nail way up high on the pole, and a very bedraggled mermaid...what a sorry state of affairs at the shelf. I brought the mermaid home. she looks like she was caught in a gale or a fishing net. Her hair is disheveled, her companion fish is gone, and her tail was twisted...we'll never know what happened! Today, I moved the magnet closer to the shelf, added some word stones, and a rubbery coin purse with a quote on paper inside. The coin purse was in the swag bag we got at the swap meet in Winston-Salem. It says "keshwaukee," or something like that, on it. Won't someone just love to have that!!??

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ALR design said...

I'm sure all the crazy thunderstorms we've had lately haven't helped any!