Thursday, February 06, 2014

Productivity! for UncustoMary's query.

 Mary, of Uncustomary, has once again asked us to participate in a group theme.

When I was a younger person, I used to say "Someday, I'm going to get organized." My mother would say, in effect, don't count on it. Now that strikes me as so funny but at the time all I could think about is that if I were organized I'd be so much more productive.

What the heck is productivity, anyway? What does it mean, to me, to my mother back in the day, to you?
As a person who makes something everyday, I'm being productive, I'm producing something but nowadays it can be something small - like adhering a little vintage figure to a commercial postcard to alter it.

 I find that being productive can mean being quiet and thinking about things or ideas, or not being quiet and talking about things or idea.
If one takes this motto, this specific one being the motto for The Alternative Speakers Bureau, of which I'm a part, and uses it as a mantra, then productivity is not an issue.
What keeps one from productivity to my thinking, is the belief that what one produces has to be perfect - whether an object or an event or an idea for something.
Just make something every day, a small thing, make it a practice, and over a time you'll find yourself being productive, if that's what you want.


Margieb said...

Oh my goodness Mim. You creative every day on top of all the rest you do. Yeesch. Yes, You are extremely productive.

uncustomary said...

Realizing I never commented on this!! Thank you so much for participating, Mim. You are truly a productive person, and I admire your round and round participation in the 365 project.

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