Saturday, February 08, 2014

A few things about today.

 I'm getting around to catching up on mail. I have new postcard stamps - including the additional stamps to bring the "apples" up to the new price of 34¢

My new pink and red mailbox is a pequeno regalo from N. today.

A nice reminder to put things in the Mail and a tidy place for some of my new postage stamps.
 We received mail from Katerina in Greece and didn't wait for the 14th to open it. It's our first Valentine's day card.

I've got a few more cards to alter but I'm spending a bit of thinking time on what I might do for a new series.  More on that soon.

 Here's Bizoo checking out the non-activity in our back yard. It's a very wintery garden, not many plants still alive, and our beautiful tree cut back so much that it looks like it'll never bloom again. Oh dear.

Bizoo got very sleepy being the studio cat. A big yawn to show us how tired he got guarding the packing plastic.

Our grand came to visit today but we were too busy with her to grab a photo. Z was very interested in Bizoo who was hesitant but curious about her.

Since we don't have a photo of Z from today's visit, I'll show you Z at Stella's with Katrina in the kitchen. Stella's is our fave Greek restaurant.

We're hoping that she'd leave there with the recipe for galactoboureka!

I was the mentor for the month of January for the International Union of Mail Artists. This is the welcome image that I created for it, using one of my collage images. I continue to welcome people as they join. It's become a practice.

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