Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mail Art time! + more

 Well, Blogger has stymied me again.
I wasn't able to figure out how to get the images in the order I wanted them, oh well.

Here's the ball of yarn that came in a hank.

I got it as my favorite yarn shop was going out of business and I was stocking up on yarn.

Here's what I'm making with it. A scarf! And I'm using a pattern that I wouldn't have tired had I not been taking a knitting class. I'm so excited that I've moved beyond mere knitting and pearling.

This is Jan, who's in my knitting class, spinning my hank into the ball for me. She's using devices called a swift and a winder. Someday I might get these. They sure speed things up.

 Oh the little drummer boy made a stop at Pulino's before it got filled up with diners. This way, he doesn't disturb anyone. (altered card using a vintage English scrap)

Here the little musician is entertaining the fish, or just finding a private spot to entertain herself.

I think Rosette has chosen a bad place to sell her flowers. Not much traffic. On the positive side, she has no competition.

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Anonymous said...

Rosette has no competition. ja ja ja. That made me smile! Hugs from BB Chubs. xoxo