Monday, February 10, 2014

Mail Art and more

 Here are a series of three new pieces of Mail Art.

I took out a small drawer of scraps and looked through it for some ideas.

 I found more film negative strips that had been my friend's and a large piece of card stock with 3 numbers on it.

This is the result and I"m quite pleased with my output. It's getting me back to some fundamentals of design.

And I like that.
 This was the view, looking up, from our bedroom window. Bleak! Really bleak!. The sky was so grey and our tree is so trimmed back. It's like a cartoon tree in some desert.

I thought it might snow, but it didn't. Snow is, however, predicted for Wednesday. We shall see.

I think the gloomy exterior prompted me to work with bright yarn. I finished up a pair of mitts with these colors today. Another satisfying project completed.

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