Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some Mail Art and more.

 I altered this vintage card a few days ago, when we were last expecting snow and made some comment about how this little musician was waiting for it in the mountains. I got lots of comments on Facebook about her lack of proper clothing.

This little saucy kitty was perfect for altering this lake view. 
 My friend Sarah Hand makes delightful creations and I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase this one from her. I love birds, and this one is a real sweetie.
 Here's what I did on my Mother's birthday - put her photo on the table at my knitting class. We lit a candle on a doughnut and wishes her a happy day. And according to my sisters, the birthday gathering was lovely.
 My honey and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday by taking a drive up to Northern Virginia. It was a nice day away from home and look at the sky at sunset. What a treat!

And here's another altered vintage postcard. This is Mount Vernon, which I'd like to visit someday. It's not that far from us. I really like putting these dressed up kitties to use and am sorry that I have only a few of them left. I hope that whoever gets kitty cards really enjoys them.

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