Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A snow day off - a maker's heaven!

 I rediscoverded my merit badge! I earned it all over again for completing my third 365. I'll have to find a good place to attach this badge!
Or just display it in my studio to remind myself of my own merit! ha ha ha

Our snow didn't amount to much, maybe an inch but it is very cold and so it's VERY icy out in the world. I decided to stay home and make stuff.

My older sister had sent me a vintage tea towel awhile back and asked me to make her one of my pocket purses.

Here's my trusty old sewing machine, with one completed purse ready to send to California.
 Here are the other two purses plus two purses for change made from vintage fabric - love the fruit print. I didn't get a photo of the one I sent to my sister, as I was eager to package it so the mail carrier could pick it up at my door this afternoon.
This is the scene looking down from our bedroom window this morning. Overcast and cold.

Later, the sun came out, though it didn't help much to melt the snow, since the temperature is below freezing.

Here are a couple more of my altered vintage postcards.

It was a perfect day, staying indoors in flannel clothing and warm slippers, in my warm studio, making stuff. Bizoo would wander in and out, sometimes sleeping on the chair with the pillow, or just checking on what I was up to.

A perfect maker's day.

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