Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birds on the lake, postcards, and knitting.

 I took the route through the park the other afternoon. The sky was beautiful, the sun was shining. When I got to fountain lake, there were lots of gulls on it and while I watched they lifted off into the air and circled several times.

There were a handful of us watching, transfixed, in a magic moment. Then, the birds were gone and we all moved again. It was beautiful.

 I stopped into the shop to get food for Bizoo and stopped to see who was looking at me. What a cutie!  I wanted to take him home. I liked his cute "hands" and his awareness of my presence. 

I'm going to a knitting group on Sunday mornings because I want to learn to make fancy stitches, to challenge my brain. I've learned how to knit cables! Yay, I'm happy about that.

Now I'm trying to do a chevron stitch, not having a good time with it. Can't wait for Sunday to get help. I'll show you the results when I get some.
I'm having a lot of fun altering vintage postcards with these vintage children. I'm not doing a 365 project so I'm free to skip days and to make several in one day, which I've done.  Here are two of the 5 I've made so far. I'm calling one "Fiddler in the Lake" and the other "Music to soothe a little bear." 
I'm pondering numbering them, keeping track of who I send to, or not. I don't want to feel like I'm doing a 365. Any thoughts on this for me?


Beanie Mouse said...

Maybe treat them as ATCs and have "Series one number 1 of however many" ?????

Margie said...

You've been busy! Your energy is astounding.