Tuesday, December 31, 2013

365! I did it. Done!


 To me: Congratulations!

My kitties in the landscape will not end with this project. I have many more vintage postcards and several more kitties to go.

Voila! My last card of this 365 Mail Art project. I thought a lot about what I'd end with and since I discovered that I had a two or three more Tiny Town blanks, this felt like the perfect way to end the project.
On the reverse: Mme Brunau brought Simone to Tiny town on the last day of the year, to quietly wish the residents a bonne année. The residents responded, "merci.

And again, here are the words of my offspring - the motto of their business, The Alternative Speakers Bureau.
Say this to yourselves and believe it.
Do something, make something, and share with me.

I'll be continuing to make Mail Art, and other stuff! See you in the new year.


Margie said...

Woo Hoo!! Happy New Year my friend. Love that saying. Spot on! Xo

chris said...

You're my hero! Congrats!! BTW - my Grandbaby is a Grandaughter (is it 1 'd' or 2 'd's????)- arrived this morning - 1st January!!! Benny Lane - 8lbs & beautiful!

Rebecca Grace Jones said...

Congratulations, Mim! Great job! Happy Creative New Year!! from a sister 365er (2012)

Sue said...

Twice through? or is it 3 times? I'm still on the first time around. I just love these little guys.

Congrats! Again.