Thursday, December 26, 2013

Another post, so soon after the last! Oh My.

 I've been making more finger-less gloves/mitts/wrist warmers, whatever you call them, and noticing my palette. Very orange! I'm not even a big orange fan! The pair on the left is made from English organic cotton and organic merino wool Very nice feeling. The pair on the left is from a blend of silk and cotton, not so silky but nice, and good for someone who can't wear wool. My next pair - a different color for sure. By the way, I'm selling mitts at NEST.

I am so close to the end. Notice the number on this mail art! I put a little English girl on a postcard of an English painting. She so HUGE. I think I wrote on the back something about her "playing loudly and enthusiastically hoping to distract the hunters and hounds, thereby saving the fox. "

Ta Da! Her's our girl, doing some fancy footwork with a knitted boa. She's 9 months old and walking! Yikes!
Have any of you taken the dialect quiz? I've been placed in Richmond and Arlington, VA & Washington D.C. based on two words, but the dark red areas show were my speech is most like other speakers in those areas. My natal city isn't so dark, and what about that spot in the west that so deep red, in Colorado? And is that little dark patch by the gulf Alabama or Mississippi? Take the quiz and let me know how you fare.

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robayre said...

That test was so fun. And I really liked how if you went to the bottom you could find the direct sources of where the NY Times got their info from and see even MORE information. We killed Christmas Eve in my office at work, playing around those pages. I guess if we have to go to work and there is NOTHING to do, might as well have fun taking dialect tests. The first time I took the test it said I was from Rockford, and Chicago, IL as well as some place in Michigan, but not Detroit. Pretty close to spot on.