Saturday, December 14, 2013

Brrrrr, so chilly here!

 We've made some new friends, the owners of NEST, where my honey will have an exhibit in February and currently has 3 pieces on preview.

My mitts are now for sale there, too. I've got to get busy knitting more with all the new yarn from my favorite yarn shop, now closed as of today. waaaa (me crying)
 Every day, I find Bizoo being places that I didn't know about, like IN the fern in the shower. The fern was going into winter mode and Bizoo was taking advantage of a nice outdoor experience while watching water go down the drain.

My friend, whom I call Prima because we share the same family name (with one letter difference,) is now the owner of MerryMaker. This is a shop where our kids used to spend their allowance money on Mrs. Grossman stickers! Here she is holding, for all you Harry Potter fans, a quill pen set. It's a fabulous set and she only has a couple left. Run over there and buy one. Very cool!

  Everytime I visit I find something I need, like Washi tape, notecards in Spanish, cool paper to make into Mail Art cards, and lots of things to just look at.

Stop in and say Hello, if you're in the area.




Here are the series of cards that I made relating to the chilly weather this week. Brrrrr, that's what these cards say.

I used pen and ink with water, and then some rubber stamping to complete the composition.

Can't you just feel the chill?


Margie said...

Looks like my kind of store Mim! Loving these latest Brrrr mail art cards! Did you use a stamp for the snowflakes and watercolor?

chris said...

Your cat is weird enough or is it all cats & their curiousity!

robayre said...

I love to read about your friend's store. It sounds like a store that we used to have in town for a very short time when we were kids and my best friend and I always say we want to open one just like it again.