Sunday, December 29, 2013

Only 2 days to go, oh my!

 Just out of the oven - the delicious sweet potato pound cake! I was mindful to lower the oven temp and to shorten the cooking time a bit, and voila, perfection! The recipe is on my recipe blog HERE.




More Kitties in the environment cards. I'm having fun. I'm adding a sentence about what's happening, on the reverse. I"ll leave it to your imagination.

I have only 2 more cards to make to complete my third, and LAST, 365 Mail Art project. Whew. I've got my last one planned out in my mind. A good ending. However, that said - I'll still be making Mail Art, just not daily, and not posting them, unless I feel like it.
Ta Da!

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Margie said...

Wow, can you believe it? In all the hoopla of the season, I think I was neglect in thanking you for yet another mail art card. I love it. So festive with the word peace and the stamping you used. Thank you my friend. Wishing you and Chuck a happy, healthy creative 2014!!