Friday, April 02, 2010

Gran diccionario

My big dictionary arrived yesterday, but I didn't see the package outside in my entry way until this morning. SO EXCITING. It's gigante! I won't be carrying mi gran diccionario to Meet-up or class. It's almost 3" thick (7.5) and is 10.75" (26.5cm) x 7.74" (19.5 cm) in size.
At Spanish Meet-Up this morning, we had a participant with a large dictionary and a very tiny one. See the wee book on top of the bigger book?
We had such a good time comparing the two.


Moonshadow said...

I bought my kids all wee little dictionaries one year for Christmas. They make an excellent stocking stuffer. I also bought one for myself and an English/German dictionary the same size.

Guppie said...

You might enjoy reading the Madman and the Professor-the authors of the first Oxford English Dictionary- both Dr.'s, corrosponded by mail for many many years, the surprize was that one of them was in an lutinac asylum for the criminally insane, the greatest contributor. Loved this read.

Barbara said...

about that gran're gonna need a bigger boat!

Gail D Whitter said...

hi mim

just thought i would stop by ... nice blog!