Saturday, April 10, 2010

Los Angeles

I'm back in Los Angeles to visit my Mom, again. I started out in my home town with a flight due out at 2h44 in the afternoon. Due to bad storms in Atlanta, my flight didn't leave until 4h15 so I missed my connection to Los Angeles. I did get rebooked on a later flight, with no problem, and happily had packed myself some food, and had a couple of books to read and people to chat with who were in the same situation. Here's my view of waiting in the Atlanta airport.

The thing is, I ended up arriving in Los Angeles very late. It was 11 p.m.! Here's a dark view of the futuristic thingy in the middle of LAX (Los Angeles airport.) I'm on a bus going into the San Fernando Valley. By the time my sister picked me up, it was midnight and I was hungry. It was 3 a.m. my time. aaaagh. We went to an all night place and had breakfast. I didn't get to sleep until 3 a.m.

My first full day here, yesterday, went by quickly, with my jet lag hardly noticable except for the occasional light-headed-ness. I crashed into bed after finally helping Mom to get into her bed. The baby monitor is set up next to me, the tick tock of her clock coming through it stopped being annoying and I managed to get 5 and a half hours of sleep before awaking, disoriented, thinking I was at home, in my own bed. A new day begins. It'll be sunny and hopefully, we'll go out doors for a walk.

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