Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mom knits!

This is the third day I've been with Mom in Los Angeles. We can't go anywhere because it's too cold out for Mom, so we've been keeping ourselves entertained. I've written letters, made some tiny collages, read, and done the Mom things that I came to do. My sister and I have been enjoying our time together, too. Laughing about things AND coming up with a scheme. Mom knits and knits and knits. As my regular “blog” readers know that Mom is 96! We can’t keep the yarn coming fast enough. She has gifted all family members with scarves, so, my sister and I are thinking that maybe some of you would like to purchase one of Mom’s scarves, and help her keep up her supply of yarn. There are about 40 right now in her stock. They are different widths and lengths. Some are flat, some roll, some have interesting “patterns” in them. They are mostly Acrylic, although, maybe some wool & acrylic blends got in her mix. We have no idea. They all feel nice, not scratchy. So, is this like a goofy idea? If you would like a scarf made by a really cool 96 year old, here's what to do.

You can pay through PayPal. $12 would include shipping and handling, within the U.S. and Canada. You can ask for a lighter or darker color and we’ll do the best to send you one you’d like. Use my e-mail under “My Profile.”
My niece, Phoebe, just took this photo of Mom knitting. She thought it would be nice for you to see Mom working. Look how intent she is!

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Exile said...

Wrong time of year and I'm broke otherwise...
Don't need a scarf but love the photos of them. Makes you want to jump right in. Must keep her knitting. I come across alot of yarn in my travels but then you'd have to ship it. My mom is eighty-three and works six days a week. I always tell her I want to be just like her when I grow up.
The other Mim