Thursday, April 08, 2010

Some more spring and more.

Here are some cell phone photos of flowers, the daffodils around the corner, the Iris in my alley, the azalea in my back garden...the flowers are flowering! The trees are leafing and are depositing a green dusting on everything, as is their way during spring. We come back from walking and feel like WE're covered in green dust.
the two pups in the door way were watching us the other night as we were leaving a restuarant, getting into our car. They were so puffy cute.
I've included the empty space because it's so odd for me to see this. In all the years I've lived here, there's been a huge bus "barn" filled with all the city buses. They've moved out to a new location and left these big empty buildings. So odd to see this. We don't know what will be built there, we're hoping for an urban Target (small department type store like MonoPrix in France)but probably it'll be condos! Oh well. NO one asked my opinion. I'm off to Los Angeles, again, to give my sister a brief break from Mom caregiving. More L.A. images to come.

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Wren said...

Hi Mim! Love reading through your blog. :) Yep, I received your mailart collage and it is cool!!! I've been slacking so much this month with my mailart blog. Getting a little wore out with chasing and toddler and being preggo! whew! I'm hoping to drop off the artwork on 4/28 at Painted Planet in Memphis. Not sure how or what setup is going to be used to exhibit the work but so appreciate all the artwork sent in so it can be sold and raise money for breast cancer research. thanks so much for sending in a piece!