Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some things I like to do.

I like to read, which is actually putting it mildly. I read lots and lots of books and magazines. I like to make collages out of scraps of paper, then send them away to mail art shows or to my mail pals. AND I like learning Spanish. It's been my "passion" since I took the one hour a week for 15 weeks conversation class offered by the University, when I was still teaching there (spring 2007.) While doing the class, I started to listen to Coffee Break Spanish podcast, which was, and is, so helpful for beginners. The other site I'm finding so helpful is Spanish-Word-A-Day. Besides a new word 5 times a week, there is conjugation, a sentence, a joke, a quote, always something interesting...a photo, a book review. Here I am with a few of the many Spanish reference books, workbooks, magazines and novels that I use to help me. I've just ordered a gran diccionario, one of those BIG ones. I'm hoping that, eventually, I'll be somewhat fluent, but for now, I'm enjoying the process of learning.


Barbara said...

Oh, those 6 collages are just grand! Love them!

About dictionaires: when my Gamelan friend, Paul, passed away, he left one of those really gigantic know the 10 inches thick. Anyway, Paul's dictionary now has a home at the Clinton School (Chicago) where my good friend, Ruthie, teaches. Frequently when her students have questions, Ruthie says, "Let's ask PAUL" and they search Paul's dictionary. Isn't that wonderful? Just had to share this dictionary story with you, Mim. Buenos dias! I like your hats.

mim said...

What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing it.

*Live*Laugh*Love* said...

I like your blog a lot! Its neat to be able to read about all the things your interested in....and there are definitely a lot of things. : ) I like your art its really good and different. I also checked out the book cover and I like it a lot too! I liked all the colors. I looked up the artist trading cards like you advised on post crossing. It is very neat! Maybe if I make one we can trade? Anyways thanks much for checking out my blog and I'll make sure to keep up with yours you seem to be a very interesting person and I enjoy reading it very much. : )

mischief said...

I'm trying to learn Spanish too Mim. since I lived in Madrid for a year and a bit. Never been much good at formally learning languages though and now that I'm not there it's one word in, one word out of my poor cramped brain, and due to the fact I'm learning a little Romanian the Spanish doesn't stand much chance in there!

You have to try though, it's very good.