Tuesday, March 09, 2010

around town

I stopped by Spa310 after my Spanish class this morning and found another really nice card had been received. Even the stamps were nice. You can see the entries here. Consider sending in an entry, too.
The other day, the sun was out and, though it was a bit chilly, we decided to sit on the patio of a restaurant and have a coffee. This little bird stopped by to see if we had anything for it. Even though we didn't have treats, it stayed with us a long time. Sweet!

On Friday morning, it was sunny and not so chilly so I walked to the Science Museum to join with my Spanish Meet-up in the cafe there. On the way home, I snapped this photo of the Jefferson Davis monument on Monument Avenue. It seemed like a kind of tourist thing to do in my own neighborhood. Maybe one day, I'll walk the Avenue and snap pix of each of the monuments to share with you.


Found art blog said...

OH!! That's a good idea!! The Smitty Sightseeing blog!! Except he probably can't walk that far.... but we don't mind!

Lesa said...

Yes, seeing your area would be fun!