Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring came and went.....

We had spring (meaning warmer temps) for a few days then a storm came through, not a torrential rain, but rather a light spring rain. However, it brought colder temperatures with it. I took a walk with my old dog around a few streets and alleyways. Flowering trees are flowering. Here are a few images from my walk. Plus, the tree in our back yard/garden is full of pink blossoms this year, many of which have fallen because of the wind, carpeting our yard with petals. This is lovely to see for awhile, then they become slippery and difficult to rake up. We think our neighbors aren't so enamored of our tree, since they, too, end up with a carpet of pink. During the snow and freezing temperatures, the cement of our bottom step turned to sand. We were able to have it repaired during one of our mild days. Right now it's drying under plastic wrap to keep the drizzle off of it. My honey took advantage of the warmer temps to water the front rock garden. Look how well the rocks are doing! And the plants, of course.
Happily, warm weather is on it's way again, in fact, very warm weather. Next weekend, when we gather to celebrate Passover and walk the local Easter promenade, it'll be 80F/28C. Bring out the sundresses and shorts and Easter bonnets!

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Lesa said...

How beatiful! Thanks for posting such lovely pictures.