Monday, November 30, 2009


A wonderful feast, mainly vegetarian (except for the turkey which C cooked on a Weber grill outside and 4 people ate.) Everyone brought food to share. There was a cranberry sauce made with dried apricots and ginger, 2 kinds of bread stuffing (though neither was stuffed into anything other than a bowl.) We had three kinds of pie for dessert. Sadly, we were too eager to cut into them to take pictures. 2 grad students from India joined us and they brought a delicious chole, chickpea dish, that was wonderfully spicy. This is a photo of the table before some of the food arrived. We were thinking a bigger table might be needed. We put the turkey on the counter by the cooking range.

I’ll be putting my stuffed cabbage recipe and the recipe for the baked macaroni and cheese here, on my Vox blog.

I remembered to take photos as I made the cabbage dish. It was way better the next day so next year, I know now I have to adjust my schedule….start 2 days earlier. Because we were such a large group, we sat in the living room as well as at the dining room table (which is in the same space to the left in this photo. I hope this makes sense.) Here is a picture of the little plush turkey that we bring out each year. It is now back in it's drawer, the leftovers are mostly gone, and things are back to normal. It was a really fun evening, and we all gave thanks.

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