Sunday, November 22, 2009

Clean up time in the studio!

I got up early this morning, didn't come downstairs for coffee or toast, just went to work on my studio to clear away the work table. Why, you may ask, did I do this? Because my friend Susan and I are going to have a play date: parallel play in my studio this afternoon. We're going to work on our pieces for a collective book on Mail Art.


Lesa said...

Now that's a working studio! Hope you and your friend have a ton of fun!

Anke Martin said...

Uh sounds like lot's of fun!!!!! Hope you had a blast!
Enjoyed reading your other new posts including the photos. Sounds like you have the same dull weather than we I wish for both of us some sun!!!!
Have a great 1st Advent, smiles, Anke ;)