Saturday, November 14, 2009

Encaustic class #2

I'm taking classes in the use of encaustic (wax as an art medium) with Lynda Ray, who is an excellent artist with the medium. Check out her site here. There is so much room for experimentation after you have the basics. It's so much fun for me. Since I haven't used this material since I was in University, I'm like a newby and am playing around, learning how the medium works. I'm not sure of how I can set up in my own studio to do this, but I'm going to think about that a lot. This is a medium I could get into.


Anke Martin said...

Uhh, sounds like a fun class! I tried using wax before for collaging but I wasn't to excited about it. I have a friend she creates wonderful artwork with wax. So have fun experimenting!!!! Looking forward to more photos. Off to check the link now.
Smiles, Anke ;)

k said...

Oh, i love encaustic! Rose Regni hosted a workshop in the lobby of the Fine Art building last year with several experts and everyone walking in got to experiment. I've always wanted to try it again.

MBirch said...

wow! that's really cool! I haven't used wax since that piece i made in AFO. i LOVE that blue and white one. and I see a skull in your black and white one. You should send it to Noah for the skulladay website!