Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More autumn

I heated up my kitchen by roasting beets the other day and I made a beet spread. The recipe is here.

I snapped the image of Fountain Lake while driving home from my Spanish class last week. Today it was too overcast so I'm glad I caught this. The trees and sky looked so beautiful.

It's raining, misting, windy, gray and overcast for several days. The leaves are all gone from many of the trees, including the one in our back yard. C filled 12 giant (biodegradable) bags with the leaves. The little Japanese Maple in front of our house is turning a lovely red color. I really like the shape of the leaves from this tree. Soon all of the trees will be bare, creating line drawings against the sky, a winter look is coming.

Follow up on Sunday: my friend and I had such a productive time in my studio and we've set up the next "play date."

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lovely photos mim !