Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some images...

Mr. Honey Bear (designed by Nathan Lerner as we found out in Paris in November) had a bit of a transformation. If you heat up your honey in the bear in your micro-wave, he gets jowls and tips over. The guy on the right had a longer trip in the m-w than the guy on the left. Cute, huh?

I put Mr. Cork on the shelf (can you see the face?) with a shell for a hat and the posted the tag, which Juli had sent to me awhile back. The shelf was pretty bare but the pole still had the festive pink ribbon wrapped around it. Can you see my shadow? The sun was so strong today that I had to let my shadow cover the shelf to get the photo.

Since I'm jetting off to the west coast tomorrow, my guy took me to lunch today. We went to 3 Monkeys and I had this nice salad.
The restaurant was quiet and warm, which was nice on this very cold day.

I'm heading from really chilly to really warm, what a shock to the system, and more time changes. I'm just getting over the jet lag from the last trip...oh what's a jet-setter to do. Ha ha ha.

I've made a HUGE decision. I've decided to leave my laptop home. This is very BIG. I won't be able to blog, or upload to Flickr or check on FB. I just feel like not having to do so much to get through security at the airport, so here goes....out of touch except for my mobile. Enjoy the bears, the shelf and the salad while I'm away. See you next week!

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Velvet Cao said...

Hello, this is Cao Liuying from Shanghai, China. I received your brilliand card, I like it so much!!! SO i leave my message here to say thank you again. Hope everything is smooth with you in the new year:)