Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Elflog #1, 2009

We are adjusting to being home, and after 5 days, can it be only that? are settling into the time zone. I'm developed a cold, of course, and had a cortisone shot in my left foot to get some relief from the fasciitis that I've had since 10 Nov 2008! The shot was REALLY painful! However, I'm hopeful that with that plus following the docs, and everyone else's advice, I'll be walking pain free in days. Meanwhile, I have been walking my dog and have seen the shelf. It lives!! It's a party right now. Someone made it festive for the new year. One of the photos was taken on Saturday and one yesterday. Little change between the two, but now that I'm back, I'll start to put some small art work on it and who knows what changes will occur because of that. Happy 2009 to all of you!


Anke said...

HI Mim,I hope you feel better soon! Doesn't sound like fun at all. So lot's of get well wishes your way! Those Elflog are just wonderful! I wished we had something like that here too, but I don't know if that would be possible in Germany.....so enjoy it!
Smiles and get well wishes your way, Anke ;)

Found art blog said...

Hmm. Beanie's getting ideas about your elf shelf!!!